Dr. Ronald H. Clark

Minister, Humanitarian, Author and Speaker

Dr. Ron Clark, former pastor and founder of Living Water Church, was best known for his enthusiastic and spirit-anointed sermons.  With a unique ability to make a complex Biblical concept or principle easy to and simple to understand, it allowed the common man or woman to absorb a sermon in a simple and effective way.  Living Water Church had thrived over the past thirty years, and had a strong and committed following of over three thousand members.  On a regional level, Dr. Clark is well-known for his love and compassion for people who are hurting and in need.

Dr. Clark also employs his ministry throughout the world; as a chairperson on the board of Global Medical Relief, he has been able to touch the lives of over three-hundred thousand people in over seventy developing countries.  Some of the examples of the impact of his ministries:  Dr. Clark’s team helped to build one of China’s first modern children hospitals in Shenyang, China.  The entire project itself was both carried out and conceived solely on the gifts and donations from the United States.  With an estimated cost of a hundred and twenty million dollars, the work earned a nomination by the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Prize in 1996.

Dr. Clark and his wife Rhonda have three children: Wilson Davis Clark, Anthony Deluna and Amanda Jane Clark.  In addition to Dr. Clark’s international ministry, Rhonda’s ministry also includes Russia, Jamaica, England and China.  Rhonda recently made a trip to China to bring seven hundred Bibles to the underground church.  Dr. Clark has held church leadership seminars and ministered in healing crusades that recently included places such as Great Britain, Sophia Bulgaria, Khartoum Sudan, Shenyang China, St Petersburg Russia, and Seoul South Korea.

Dr. Clark has also ministered in 32 nations around the globe, and is the author of 3 books. “Sailing Through the Storms of Life” offers practical steps for overcoming a personal crisis, and has helped many individuals throughout the world.