8 Facts About Dr. Ronald H. Clark You Should Know

Dr. Ronald H. Clark is a father, husband, former pastor and is involved in ministries throughout the world.  Take a look at the following facts to learn about his life, pursuits and ministries over the years.

1.) Dr. Clark was a former pastor

Dr. Ronald Clark founded Living Water Church in the year 1987. At the height of the church, Living Water had over 3,000 regular members.

2.) Dr. Clark has been in ministry for over 30 years

As of 2013, Dr. Clark has been in ministry for exactly 35 years.  Spanning various accomplishments ranging from starting a church, to international ministry, Ron Clark looks to continue ministering for years down the road.

3.) He has held healing crusades and seminars around the world

Great Britain, Sophia, Bulgaria, Khartoum, Sudan, Shenyang, China and Seoul, South Korea are a few of the locations Dr. Clark has ministered. With a passion for the international community, that number is expected to grow.

4.) Dr. Clark became a Christian in 1976

Since becoming a Christian in 1976,he has been able to minister to thousands and thousands of individuals.

5.) He had a weekly news segment

In the 90’s, Dr. Clark had a weekly news segment with an ABC affiliate in Tampa Bay; he regularly reached over 150,000 each week.

6.) He served as a US Army Military Police Investigator

During the Vietnam War, Dr. Clark worked many cases as a Military Police Investigator for the United States Army.

7.) Dr. Clark is serves as chairperson for International Ministries

He serves as chairperson for the board of Global Medical Relief, a Christian outreach that offers both medical relief and feeding programs that have helped over 300,000 people in over 70 countries.

8.) His team helped build one of the first modern children’s hospitals in China

In Shenyang, China, Dr. Clark’s team was able to construct one of the first modern hospitals for children; almost entirely covered by donations, the project cost in the $120 million range.  His Global Medical Relief team was nominated for the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Prize for their actions.